My Favorite Things – My Humble Balcony Garden

My humble balcony garden is just that – humble – but it still brings me great pleasure.   I have 7 pots filled with a few plants I bought, a few that I grew from clippings, and a few that were given to me.

I’m very proud of my rose bush…

Photo of red roses on balcony, taken by Joana Miranda

And the pedestal pot of ivy and petunias that I’ve managed to keep alive despite several long absences this summer!

Photo of pink petunia flower, taken by Joana Miranda

Seen from the right angle, my balcony garden looks rather pastoral…

Photo of Thai basil plant and red rose plant on my NYC balcony, taken by Joana Miranda

And our tiny patio table is perfect for tea for two!

Photo of cherries, cookies and blue and white teacup, taken by Joana Miranda

What’s my “piece de resistance?”  My ladybug watering can, of course!

Photo of ladybug watering can, taken by Joana Miranda


    1. Joana

      Hi Helen,

      Don’t know if it’s “cheating”, but I’ve sprayed my rose a few times this summer with an anti-fungal spray. I’ve also fed it with miracle gro. When should I cut the bush back?

      Ciao – 🙂 Joana

      1. Helen Reich

        Well, this all depends on what kind of rose it is and whether it can survive winter outside in a pot. If it’s hardy, then you can prune it in the spring….look for growth starting in April, probably, and cut away the dead stuff. If you want to try to cover it (don’t know if this would help a potted rose), then you can cut the plant back to fit under a cone, or whatever you have to protect it. If you’re going to try to overwinter it inside, probably just whack it back pretty severely as soon as it starts to look straggly.

        1. Joana

          Hi Helen,

          Thanks for the advice! I thought I had read that you were supposed to cut back the rose at the start of winter, but maybe I misunderstood. I’ll try to research the type of rose and see if I can get any more clarity online regarding when to prune. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough room indoors to bring any of the pots inside. C’est la vie (especially in NYC apartment living!)

          Ciao – Joana

          1. Helen Reich

            You know, it’s not that critical when to prune if the rose really is hardy, and if you don’t need to cover or somehow insulate the rose. I wait till spring because that’s when I can see how much survived the winter. I haven’t over-wintered a potted rose, so I don’t know what it might need. You might want to ask your friend Tom what he does…..he has roses, right?

            1. Joana

              I think the directions that came with the rose said to mulch it in the winter, but I don’t remember when they said to prune it back. The garden center where I bought the plant is nearby, so I’ll head over there soon to ask.

              I bought a mum today at the farmer’s market. It’s so dense with buds and foliage that it’s almost impossible to water. I bought a deep wine red color…should look nice with the red rose and pink petunias.

              Ciao – Joana

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