Friday’s Thought – Behind the Curtain

Photo of window with flower pots and drawn curtains taken by Joana Miranda

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”

(Oscar Wilde)



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5 responses to “Friday’s Thought – Behind the Curtain

  1. Gil Miranda

    Hi Jemoona,

    Great thought, could not agree more. Even one day wrote a short poem on that subject inspired by a beautiful postcard.

    Beijos, Pa

  2. sharonia628

    What a lovely picture! Lovely composition.

  3. Hi Joana,
    Nice thought and excellent photo.
    Tudo bem por NY?
    Por aqui vai tudo bem.

    • Ola Pedro,

      Muito obrigada como sempre!

      Tenho estado muito ocupada estas ultimas semanas. Primeiro servi como jurado em um julgamento de estrupo que levou duas semanas e meia. Foi interessante, mas tambem estressante. E a pena foi que a final acabamos com um juri pendurado (a hung jury, which means that there was no verdict and the case might be tried again.)

      Agora os meus trabalhos envolve preparar para tres audicoes. O principio vai acontecer no meio de Outubre. Em sima disso, volta a trabalhar no orquestra do bale (although my status there is as a freelance musician.) Na semana proxima, tenho 8 servicoes (4 ensaios e 4 espataculos.)

      I’m glad to hear that things are going well for you in Obidos. By the way, I’ve wanted to buy one of your photos for a long time. I’m going to consult with my husband so I can narrow down my favorites. The night-time photo of Porto is high on the list…

      Ciao, Joana

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