My Favorite Things – An Urban Fairy Tale (Told Graffiti Style)

Once upon a time, there lived a capricious and conniving genie…

Photo of graffiti face on apartment wall in Brooklyn, taken by Joana Miranda

Whose spells caused anyone she glanced upon to do unusual things.

Photo of graffiti shark drinking a beer, taken by Joana Miranda

So vast was her reach, even tiny insects were imbued with superhuman powers causing chaos and destruction.

Photo of angry blue insect graffiti, taken by Joana Miranda

Mortals fainted in fear, and fled for their lives…

Photo of graffiti wall painting showing man in a suit carrying lifeless body of a woman, taken by Joana Miranda

And the city was left deserted.  

Photo of orange and green heels strung on a telephone wire in Brooklyn, taken by Joana Miranda

The End


  1. ma

    The end. You need to write that! Wonderful fairy tale- looks like you have an endless source of great graffiti in your bur.I LOVE the last picture, oh the scenes that photo produce in our minds….

    xoxo ma

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