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My Favorite Things – A Trip to the Candy Store

In a cruel twist of fate, a new candy store opened on Broadway right near the subway stop I frequent. ¬†Self-serve and charged by the pound (the candy, not the customer), It’Sugar is fast becoming a weekly ritual for me.

Enter this neon mecca and you might not know where to start!

Photo of interior of It'Sugar on Broadway in Manhattan, taken by Joana Miranda

I’m partial to the chewy stuff, so that’s where I head to stock up on jelly beans…

Photo of assorted jelly belly beans, taken by Joana Miranda

Gummy peaches…

Photo of gummy peaches, taken by Joana Miranda

Raspberries and blackberries…

Photo of candy raspberries and blackberries, taken by Joana Miranda

Gummy bears…

Photo of assorted gummy bears, taken by Joana Miranda

And my gotta-have licorice.

Photo of assorted licorice bites, taken by Joana Miranda

So far, I’ve exercised great restraint in my purchases. ¬†Here’s the sum total of today’s haul (minus the 3 pieces I ate on the bus ride home).

Photo of assorted candy in a sherbet glass, taken by Joana Miranda

It’s a good thing, too, because at $13.96 per pound, this habit might become overwhelming…

Photo of mannequin with blond Afro, taken by Joana Miranda

Or, I could end up looking like this!

Photo of large blue stuffed toy, taken by Joana Miranda


    • Hi Helen,

      Funny how quickly that little bit of candy goes. I think the anticipation of having the first piece after I’ve assembled my little bag of goodies is the best part. I’m into the candy corn, right now…guess I must be needing a Halloween fix.

      Are you still on tour? Hope you had a fun time and that Hoover Hall didn’t “suck” too much;-)


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