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XOX – Whimsical Sketch by Joana Miranda

With Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast, my husband and I decided on a mandatory evacuation.  Ok, not really, but our much-anticipated long weekend escape to Block Island, Rhode Island, got replaced by a smarter trip west to visit my parents in Ohio.  While we’re being treated to howling winds and rain here, too, at least we’re warm and safe.  Plus, I have access to my computer and to my parent’s scanner.  Here’s a sketch I did today to help pass the afternoon…

Whimsical pencil sketch "XOX" by Joana Miranda

XOX to all of my readers.  Hope you are warm, dry and safe wherever you are!


  1. Hi Joana,
    I was going to ask if everything was OK in NY but I realized that you made a strategic withdrawal 🙂
    Um bom regresso a casa.

    • Muito obrigada, Pedro!

      The weather has been really awful here in Ohio, too, and it continues to be windy and rainy today. Hopefully, everything will be ok with our apartment when we get back…maybe tomorrow?

      Muito estranho, este weather. 🙂

      Ciao, Joana

  2. Glad you’re safe! I’ve been thinking about all my New York friends. Sorry your vacation got a little messed up, but I’m glad you decided to head to safer territory!

    • Thank you for thinking of us, Helen! We’re back now and everything in the apartment is fine, thankfully. Of course, there are a lot of NYers not doing so well, especially in the lower part of Manhattan. Apparently, there are a lot of downed trees in Central Park, too, and the parks in the city are closed until the park staff can get things assessed and the damage under control. I donate to the park, so I’ll be sending in another donation pronto.

      Hope you are having a very happy Halloween! Ciao – Joana

        • Hi Helen,

          Yes, but even that isn’t possible for me to do without my computer. Andy doesn’t have any photo-editing/downloading software on his computer, so I don’t have a way to download, resize and then upload photos to my blog.

          The computer tech guy said that the work on my computer would probably take ’til Monday. The issue is either a virus, or the hard drive going bad. I guess even if you run anti-virus/malware software on your computer, you can still get viruses. Sheesh.

          Hope you have a great weekend! Joana

  3. Very glad you are safe! I have worn my earrings a couple of times lately, and each time, I get rave reviews. One woman was particularly disappointed that I couldn’t tell her what store to go to…


    PS Trust you’re following the rough news for MO and SPCO

    • Hi Nina,

      It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m so glad that you continue to enjoy wearing your Aphrodite earrings, too. Earlier this fall, I got a large check for the remaining pieces that had sold in “my” Milwaukee jewelry gallery. Here I was assuming that the pieces were languishing there, but almost everything had sold (about 13 pieces) and I was sent back the final 2 remaining pieces. Those pieces have now found new homes, so there are now truly no JLM Studio jewelry pieces for sale any more. Maybe some day in the future when I can set up my bench again? But I’m having too much fun doing my illustrations.

      I have been following the MO and SPCO news. Leslie Shank is a good friend of mine. She plays in the SPCO and has kept me somewhat abreast of what’s going on. However, I haven’t heard any recent news lately. Better find out what’s going on, I guess.

      I hope you are doing well and having a nice Halloween!

      🙂 Joana

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