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Friday’s Thought – The Season of Light

Photo of lanterns at Plaza Hotel entryway in New York City, taken by Joana Miranda

While I usually post a quote along with my “Friday’s Thought” photo, tonight I’ve decided to share a true story.

On my way home from teaching this evening, I decided to walk instead of taking the subway.  (Along the way I passed by the Plaza Hotel and took the photograph you see above.)  At around 70th Street my feet started to get tired – I had walked almost 2 miles – so I boarded a bus for the remaining twenty-some blocks home.  I was almost at my stop when the man sitting behind me asked if the case next to me contained a violin.  I responded “yes” and the following conversation followed:

Man: You must rock da violin!  I play da gitar.

Me: Oh, really?  Is it an electric guitar?

Man: Yah, I got it rigged to play both ‘coustic and ‘lectric.  A priest bought it for me.

Me: Oh?

Man: Yah.  I homeless.  Actually, I like to say apartment-less.  We’s all got a home.  This earth be our home…and we all goin’ back in it when we be done.

Me: Yes…We all start the same and end the same.

Man: You be an Angel and I gonna make you smile.  Ya know where da Goldfish keep his money?

Me: No.  Where?

Man: In da riverbank!

Me:  Hah!  That’s funny.  I’ve got one for you then.  Do you know where the King keeps his armies?

Man:  I heard that told ’bout Napoleon.  In his sleevies, of course!

Me: That’s right!

Man: And, I got ‘nother one for you.  Know why the witches wear name tags?

Me: No.  Why?

Man: So they’s can tell which witch which!

Me:  Hah!  I love it!

And with that, we were at my stop.

He waved at me as the bus drove off.  I smiled and waved back.  As the days grow darker and darker, it’s comforting to remember that this is the season of light.  It shone brightly on the bus tonight.


    • Thanks, Erin! With so many people crammed into a small island, it’s hard NOT to have encounters…although not all are as nice as the one I had yesterday. For me, the fact that the city is filled with so many people from all walks of life is probably one of the things that draws me to this place.

      I hope you are doing great and that you have a nice weekend!

  1. wonderful! Made me smile, too. Poor guy,who was (is) so full of life…

    • It was a nice and unexpected encounter. I’ve been looking for a homeless shelter or program for those in need in NY where I can volunteer – if I had thought quicker I could have asked for his input!

      Next time…

  2. Gostei imenso da tua conversa com um anónimo. Algumas vezes a melhor filosofia desce à rua.

    • Muito obrigada, Papa.

      Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a little more giving back to those in need soon. I signed up to be a volunteer with New York Cares and will attend an orientation in about a week. Once I’m “oriented”, I can sign up for all kinds of different volunteer activities around the city. Should be interesting and fun.

      Beijinhos, Joana

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