Just in Time for the Holidays – New Marker and Ink Whimsical Greeting Card from Joana Miranda Studio

Whimsical marker and ink illustration "Sante" by Joana Miranda

(Now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy)



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6 responses to “Just in Time for the Holidays – New Marker and Ink Whimsical Greeting Card from Joana Miranda Studio

  1. Oh my, sexy santa…..the martini is a particularly nice touch.

    • And served just like I like it….with two big olives! Andy is a lemon twist guy and can’t understand why I’d want salty, briny olives in my drink. I guess it’s my Mediterranean heritage coming out. 🙂

      Ciao – Joana

  2. Hi Joana,
    Excellent illustration!

    • Muito obrigada!

      How are things in Obidos? I called our (former) “mulher de dias” em Lisboa on Wednesday to wish her feliz anniversario. She said that all of the transit workers were on strike in Lisbon. Did this happen in Obidos, too?

      I hope you are well!

      • Hi Joana,
        Everything is OK at Obidos, thanks for asking.
        About the strikes, nothing noticeable around here.
        Espero que por NY já esteja tudo a voltar a normal.

        • Ola Pedro,

          Sim, aqui parece que tudo esta normal outra vez. Os subways estao a funcianar, but I’m not sure if the South Ferry Station (at the very end of Manhattan) is open. After Hurricane Sandy, we had another storm (a snow storm), and that storm damaged a handful of trees in Central Park. E muito triste to see so many trees destroyed, but there are thankfully already plans in place to plant many new trees to replace the ones that were lost. Of course, out in Staten Island and in other coastal areas that were very hard hit, life isn’t going to be normal for quite some time.

          Beginning in December I’ll be able to start doing volunteer work around the city (I first have to attend an orientation with the organization I’m joining). I’ll feel a lot better knowing that I can make an active difference to people in need.

          I’m very glad to hear that things have been fine in Obidos. I hope things start to look up for everyone in Europe (and here, too!)

          Ciao meu amigo, Joana

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