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My Favorite Things – Capturing Soul in Aerosol Art

Today I went to pay homage at Mecca…the graffiti Mecca of New York, that is.   At 5Pointz Aer0sol Art Center, Inc. there’s definitely “soul” in the aerosol.  No where else have I seen such striking, vibrant and compelling graffiti art.  This work isn’t the work of vandals with a can of spray paint, but that of true aerosol artists who hail from across the globe.

If you’re hoping to join these painters making a mark of your own at 5Pointz…

Photo of graffiti depicting two painters, taken at 5Pointz by Joana Miranda

Read here first.

Photo of "rules" for painting at 5Pointz, taken by Joana Miranda

I took over 150 pictures today at the center – it’s hard to tear yourself away!  The photos in the slideshow below will give you a feeling for the place and its atmosphere.  More detailed shots will follow in a later post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Wanna see more?   Check out my friend Tom’s photos here.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. What a shame the building’s coming down. Saw those photos of you on Tom’s blog! BTW, I recently did my first ever craft fair…..a lady I know asked me to do a fair at her church, and she sat with the sutff the whole time! Sold about 12 things, which I guess isn’t bad for the first time.

    • Hi Helen,

      The building is really interesting. I’m not sure if it’s coming down as Tom says…I need to read up on that a bit more.

      By the way, when I did that post, I think the first two pictures might not have displayed correctly. I’ve since fixed the issue, so the post is now viewable as I intended it.

      I also have been meaning to write and tell you that I loved your account of the MSO tour up north! The pumpkin incident was hysterical. Thank God he (whoever it was in the orchestra) didn’t try to roast and feast upon a plastic pumpkin!

      Congrats on the sales at the fair! That is really great! In the very early days of my jewelry making, I took a bunch of beaded necklaces down to Chicago for a fair at my Aunt’s school. I sat there all day and sold 1 necklace. It was very demoralizing, but I lived through the experience and eventually did OK selling my jewelry (thanks, of course, to great customers like you!)

      🙂 Joana

  2. Hi Joana,
    Excellent shots. Thanks for sharing.
    I didn’t know “5ptz”. Thanks for sharing that too.
    Already in my favorites.

    • Muito obrigada, Pedro.

      Were you able to see the first two photos I posted in this post (above the slideshow?) Some people have told me that they couldn’t see those photos, so I’m trying to figure out why the problem is happening.

      Ciao –

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