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My Favorite Things – A Culinary Journey to the Uppermost Reaches of China (via Flushing, Queens)

Yesterday my husband and I took an extraordinary culinary journey…

Flushing, Queens is the last stop on the 7 train.  Step off the train and you feel like you’ve arrived in Hong Kong.

Chinese ornaments

Although we love to try new restaurants, we’re not usually brave enough to venture into places where we can’t read the menu.  That’s where Ken, my husband’s esteemed musical colleague and friend comes in.   Ken not only had done his research (via the New York Times restaurant reviews), but he’d also vetted Fu Run beforehand so that he could recommend the best dishes.

Moments after we sat down, a pot of steaming hot tea appeared at our table.

tea and table setting
Although the menu provided photos of various dishes and English translations in the back of the menu, Ken ordered for us in Chinese.

Ken ordering

The “earth bean” appetizer was brought out first.  Fragrant of sesame oil and tinged with sweet notes of cilantro, this flash-cooked appetizer transported the common potato to an exotic realm!

earth bean

A cabbage and green bean sheet jelly appetizer came next.  Though served cold, there was quite a bit of heat from the red pepper in this dish.

Bean Sheet salad

This was followed by the star attraction of the evening…the Muslim Lamb Chop. Rubbed with a mixture of 5 Spice powder, cumin, fennel seed and God-knows-what-else, this dish was perfection.  The meat fell from the bone, and though heavily spiced, the rub never overwhelmed the succulent flavor of the lamb.

Muslim Lamb

We were also served garlicky greens (absolutely delicious) and pork dumplings.


Everything was so tasty that not a morsel was left behind!


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