My Favorite Things – A Love Letter

It’s not yet Valentine’s, but I’m feeling “in the mood” anyway.

Let’s go on a date!  We could scoot around town…

Red Vespa

(Although, this wasn’t exactly the destination I had in mind!)

Pink Pussy Cat

Or, you can drive, and I’ll take the snapshots!

red toy car

We’ll need some wine…

wine shop

And a little extra cash, in case I see something that calls my name…

high heeled shoes with tassles





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4 responses to “My Favorite Things – A Love Letter

  1. ma

    ooh, hot date! I recognize it all!!

    xoxox la m

  2. Joana.
    I am totally in love with your little beetle pin. My latest passion is insect jewelry. I am sure that this is way beyond my means but maybe if I hit the jackpot with one of my royalties. It is gorgeous.
    love andrea
    Still want to get together, but have been slowed down immensely by an endless flu cold that has me sleeping mega hours.

    • Hi Andrea,

      So sorry to hear that you have had the flu! I heard that it was going around. So far, I’ve escaped getting sick. Hope my luck continues…

      I’m glad you like my beetle pin rendering.[?] Ladybugs are my talisman (especially apropos since a “Joaninha” in Portuguese means Ladybug.) I’ve got ladybug socks, ladybug mugs, a ladybug watering can, ladybug timers, ladybug jewelry…the list goes on!

      I look forward to getting together when you are feeling better and we can find some free time!

      Ciao – Joana

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