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New Whimsical Windy Day Illustration…And I’m Stumped for the Greeting!

I put the finishing touches on my latest illustration tonight.  The markers flowed, but now I’m stumped with whether or not to add a greeting inside the card.

Windy day blog

I’m looking for something cheery and encouraging… a “Thinking of You” type message for the woman who handles adversity with grace.  Although I’ve created a list of about 44 phrases so far, I’m not blown away (pun intended) with any of what I’ve come up with so far.  If any of you readers have constructive ideas to offer, I’d love to hear them!

P.s. For now, I’ve decided to offer the card blank inside.  You can purchase it here!


  1. I like what you said
    “thinking of you
    for the woman who handles adversity with grace”

    don’t let dog days get you down

    I’m still letting it cook

    Love the glamorous new Josephine

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thanks so much for your suggestions (and for your nice words about Josephine!) You’ve inspired my brain to go in a new direction with the greeting, and that’s a good thing.[?] (By my 44th phrase last night, I was getting pretty punchy!)

      I enjoy reading your posts, too. Keep up the great work!

      🙂 Joana

  2. How about: “oh the view from here is spectacular, how is yours?” Or Hope your view is as good as mine. Little doggie has such a cute expression….
    xoxoxo la mamma

    • Hi Ma,

      I also thought of “Turn the Other Cheek” 😉 Actually, I think I’ve hit on a good saying which sort of combines what you wrote and what another artist friend suggested.

      I think it’ll either be “Hope Things Look Up Soon” or “Glad to Hear Things Are Looking Up!” (or some version of that saying.)

      I, Josephine (and Andre) love you! Jemoona

    • Hi Helen,

      I think I’m going to go along the lines of “Glad to hear things are looking up!” or “Things look up when you least expect them too!” or “Things just might be looking up!” or “Heard things are looking up!”

      In any case, I like the “looking up” part since Andre is looking up, Josephine’s skirt is blowing up, and the general expression is cheery.

      How are you doing? Did you enjoy working with Ignat? He studied theory/aural skills with my Dad (at Dartmouth) when we lived in Hanover, NH. He was around 11 at the time and his family was living nearby in Cavendish, VT. In about 1 week of lessons with my Dad he was further along than I was after a year of lessons. Sigh. I guess that’s why I ended up a violist and he’s a conductor;-)

      Ciao – Joana

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