My Favorite Things – Being a Part of The Cultural Offerings at Lincoln Center

In my role as a freelance musician in New York City, I’ve been very fortunate to perform frequently at Lincoln Center.  Bustling almost every night with offerings of ballet, opera, classical symphonic music and film, this mecca of the arts is situated in the heart of the Upper West Side.

Last night, braving the frigid temperatures, I arrived a little earlier for my performance in the New York City Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty so that I could capture the hustle and bustle of the theater-goers.

Taxis deposited patrons at the foot of the plaza steps…

Lincoln Center

Where they hurried across the square to attend either the opera Parsifal being performed at the Metropolitan Opera

Parsival at the Met

Or see New York City Ballet’s production of The Sleeping Beauty being offered at the David H. Koch Theater 

David H

Of course, some of the people gathered on the plaza were  just tourists braving the wind and chill for a little sight-seeing and photos ops by the fountain.

fountain at Lincoln Center

(What with the bitter cold, the water looked frozen in time.)


With numb fingers and only 25 minutes ’til curtain, I made my way to the Koch Theatre Stage door to warm up.

towards the stage door

There are still 5 more shows remaining of The Sleeping Beauty this week before New York City Ballet concludes its 2013 Winter Season.  

I’ll be there.  Will you?


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