My Favorite Things – Making Egg Heads with My Friends Tom and Don

Yup, it’s that time of year again.  What time is that, you may ask?  Why time to gain an hour of daylight, time to start looking for the first blooms of spring, and time to eat chocolate eggs and other Easter goodies!

This weekend, it seemed fitting, therefore, to traipse down to 72nd Street to help my friend Tom decorate Easter eggs.  Up until I met Tom a few years back, my Easter egg decorating usually involved wax and dyes, and it was a pretty serious endeavor.  Tom has his own flair for doing just about everything, and with a studio stocked full of ribbons, sequins, exotic fabrics, feathers, faux jewelry and  trinkets, it’s pretty easy to get inspired – not to mention have fun!

My eggs this year spanned the centuries.  I started with a Manchu Dynasty-inspired egg…

Manchu Dynasty Egg

And then jumped forward to a 1920-ish (bored) flapper girl.

flapper egg  head girl

From there it was on to present day…in an egg-head tribute to Don, Tom’s partner!  (In case you’re curious, I’ve posted a picture of Don so that you can compare likenesses.)


Don on the terrace

Don’s Egg Head…

Don egghead

And what was Tom doing while I worked on the three egg-head masterpieces above?  A portrait of his good friend, Ilona, of course!  Here she is in all of her splendor.

Tom's Ilona egghead portrait


  1. ma

    omigosh, I never dreamed of easter eggs like these! Fabulous! Esp “don”, you got the expression perfectly. Also the bored flapper….
    love, ma

    1. Joana

      Thanks, Ma! I made Don’s glasses out of wire… putting my jewelry skills to good use:-) Wish you could have been there making eggs with us. You would’ve had fun.

      Love, Joana

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