My Favorite Things – Georgetown Illuminated

Take a walk with me through the streets of Georgetown, D.C.  You might just feel like you stepped back in time…

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    1. Joana

      Thank you so much! I really enjoyed my walk through Georgetown…and probably could have done several different themed posts, but the lanterns caught my eye first. 🙂

      With all best wishes,

    1. Joana

      If you come to D.C., bring comfortable walking shoes! Everything here seems on a larger scale…the government buildings seem to go on and on! Walking from one end of the Mall to the other (or across it) is quite a schlep. People think of NYC as really big, but in reality there’s just a lot more crammed into a smaller space.

      🙂 Joana

    1. Joana

      Hi Tommy,

      So glad that you were able to get the slide show to work! I had gotten a bunch of nice feedback from other bloggers on the photos, so I was pretty sure the issue wasn’t on my end this time. (But don’t “duh” yourself – or me – please. Technology can be maddening sometimes, and the innocent mistakes we make don’t mean we’re any less smart!)

      Ciao, dearie, J

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