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Back State-Side and Reminiscing…(Whimsical Pencil Sketch by Joana Miranda)

Although we arrived home from Denmark only yesterday afternoon, my jet-lag seems to be in control already.  I’m back at work teaching, running errands, and catching up with life after having been away for two weeks.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to solve my computer issue, so I can’t post any photos from my travels yet.

In the meantime, I’m reminiscing about…


Cold but sunny cloudless days in Copenhagen,

Cafes with delicious coffee and pastries,

Quaint cobblestone streets,

Picturesque canals,

Burgers and a beer with my husband on the harbor,

and of course

Fabulous Danish licorice!


    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks so much for your nice feedback! I’m looking forward to the color rendering process on that illustration. However, I’m going to wait until my new Copic Sketch markers arrive. I’ve ordered the Skin Tones set, the Gray Tones set and the Basic Blending set…wish the markers weren’t so expensive, but I think they’ll be well worth it.

      I hope you are doing well! I’m still handicapped because I’m computer-less (typing this on my husband’s machine) but hope to be back “in business” with my own set up soon.

      Ciao bella, Joana

  1. Looks lke you were really lucky with the weather! I’m looking forward to seeing those photos…..hope your computer repair is speedy. I really like the pose and the facial expression of this drawing.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the nice email! My computer was officially pronounced dead today (fried CPU), and I just ordered a new machine which should arrive by Tuesday. Computer woes are agony, and I know that getting the new one up and running will take more than just opening up the box. Sigh. But I’m getting a Windows 7 machine which was the same operating system I had on my old computer. At least I know therefore that it will be compatible with all of my other programs, printer, etc.

      We did luck out with the weather in Denmark, and also with the weather on our return. It felt very odd to leave Denmark in 38 degree weather and arrive back to 82 degree weather in NYC, though.

      I saw you put up a “soggy” post on FB. I’m assuming that was a reference to the weather you’ve been having? Hope that nice weather is headed your way very soon!

      🙂 Joana

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