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Party On! New Marker and Ink Illustration by Joana Miranda

…because the alternative is a lot less fun!

Party Girl watermark

Party On(5×7 birthday card now available at Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy.)


    • Hi Deborah,

      I used the Stabilo fine line pens for the outline. In this case, I used the flesh tone liner for the skin areas, a black liner for the hair outline, and pale grey for everything else (garments, couch, balloons, etc.) At the end of coloring in the illustration, I went over some of the lines again to add a little more depth. The next time I do an illustration, I’ll scan and email the preliminary line drawing so that you can see.

      I can’t claim responsibility for this technique, of course. I’m a big fan of Arturo Elena’s technique and the wonderful movement in his characters, although the proportions of his figures tend to look a little alien until you’ve gotten used to them. Take a look here: He also has a Facebook Fan page (I’m a fan) and provided a wonderful and helpful series of work-in-process photos there.

      I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to on your blog! XOX- Joana

    • Hi Helen,

      For inspiration for the facial features, I turned to a photo of Marilyn Monroe. I guess “rake-ish” could also describe Marilyn…:-)

      Even though the girl in the illustration has a black bob, I think she’s still Josephine. Josephine is every woman (at her best) after all! 🙂 Joana

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