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Dealing With Rejection For Cartoonists and Artists

For my readers: Need some strategies for how to deal with rejection?  Then read this wise (and humorous) post by a cartoonist I admire.


  1. ma says

    Very wise words. Esp “fire and forget”.
    Me, I’m going to weep my heart out at my next rejection….
    love, mm

    • Hi Ma,

      Yah, I liked that concept,too. I find it’s always helpful to boil down concepts into simple action words. Another concept/action word I read recently was “create vs consume.” As I work at my business, it’s very easy to get sucked into computer-land “consuming” stuff on social media sites rather than creating new art or creating the next real step to move forward. Consuming is ok when you need a break from working, but it’s easy to fritter away more time than you realize.

      I lurve you, Joana

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