Dealing With Rejection For Cartoonists and Artists

For my readers: Need some strategies for how to deal with rejection?  Then read this wise (and humorous) post by a cartoonist I admire.

Bill Abbott Cartoons

It happens to all of us, and its likely you’ve read at least something about the mountain of rejections that come with the territory as cartoonists and artists. But reading about it, and actually dealing with it are completely different things. That being said, I’m hoping this article will provide you with some mental strategies to put your focus on where it should be rather than on where it shouldn’t.

M152 Kid Next Door

As mentioned, rejection is not only a large part of this business, but its a part of life. And just as in life, the better you learn to handle adversity, the likelier you’ll achieve what you want. Simple, right? Not right.

During my brief and colossally unfocused college experience, I learned a few life lessons. One, drinking beer rather than attending class may have a negative impact on your grades. Two, I was intellectually better suited for weight training than philosophical studies…

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2 responses to “Dealing With Rejection For Cartoonists and Artists

  1. ma

    Very wise words. Esp “fire and forget”.
    Me, I’m going to weep my heart out at my next rejection….
    love, mm

    • Hi Ma,

      Yah, I liked that concept,too. I find it’s always helpful to boil down concepts into simple action words. Another concept/action word I read recently was “create vs consume.” As I work at my business, it’s very easy to get sucked into computer-land “consuming” stuff on social media sites rather than creating new art or creating the next real step to move forward. Consuming is ok when you need a break from working, but it’s easy to fritter away more time than you realize.

      I lurve you, Joana

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