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Jo’s Journey (A Somewhat Irreverent Guide to Doing Anything Better) – Things to Ponder on a Rainy Day

I had a happy childhood.

rain boots

My sister and I played outside constantly, and when the weather wasn’t favorable, we moved our games inside.  The fact that we grew up without a TV (my parents didn’t believe in TV) meant that we listened to a lot of records.  (I guess that dates me. ) Among my favorites were Tales of the Arabian Nights,  this recording of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale, and a collection of nursery rhymes read by various actors.

Today as I went about cleaning the apartment, the steady rain and grey light transported me back to my childhood.  And from out of nowhere a gloomy, melodramatic voice entered into my head intoning…

Solomon Grundy

Born on a Monday

Christened on Tuesday

Married on Wednesday

Took ill on Thursday

Grew worse on Friday

Died on Saturday

Buried on Sunday

That was the end

Of Solomon Grundy

To this day, I still wonder if Solomon only lived a week, or if the traumatic events of his life just happened to fall on consecutive days years apart.

It’s something to ponder…


  1. Awwwww………

    How sweet! you really mean it?? Do you remember the book by Eça de Queiroz, the re-telling of Solomon’s Mines (As Minas de Salomão (He turned it into a masterpiece)….I had so much fun reading it to you….
    (need to find that book again…).

    *I* had a lovely motherhood with you two…..

    xox mehmeh

    • Hi Meh-meh,

      Of course I mean it! And, yes, I do remember you reading us King Solomon’s Mines in Portuguese. You can re-read it to me any day (plus I need the Portuguese practice.) I think I actually have that book, but am not sure where. It might be in Milwaukee in Andy’s apartment…

      XOX – pixel

  2. Love this post. The boots are great. Just in time for “Kinky Boots”
    As for Solomon Grundy I did a little googling. This is what I found
    SOLOMON GRUNDY – Richard Hovey Poems
    According toi Richard Hovey it was all in a week!

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    Poems » richard hovey » solomon grundy


    “Solomon Grundy
    Born on Monday,
    Christened on Tuesday,
    Married on Wednesday,
    Sick on Thursday,
    Worse on Friday,
    Dead on Saturday,
    Buried on Sunday,
    This was the end
    Of Solomon Grundy.”

    So sings the unpretentious Muse
    That guides the quill of Mother Goose,
    And in one week of mortal strife
    Presents the epitome of Life:
    But down sits Billy Shakespeare next,
    And, coolly taking up the text,
    His thought pursues the trail of mine,
    And, lo! the “Seven Ages” shine!
    O world! O critics! can’t you see
    How Shakespeare plagiarizes me?

    And other bards will after come,
    To echo in a later age,
    “He lived, — he died: behold the sum,
    The abstract of the historian’s page”; —
    Yet once for all the thing was done,
    Complete in Grundy’s pilgrimage.

    For not a child upon the knee
    But hath the moral learned of me;
    And measured, in a seven days’ span,
    The whole experience of man.

    • Hi Andrea,

      I loved reading the entire poem! Thanks so much for taking the time to copy it down in your reply. 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I was running around New York State playing Bocelli concerts.

      I hope you are doing well, and I hope to see you soon – XOX Joana

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