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My Favorite Things – My Husband Cooks Me Dinner

Although we try to evenly split the cooking duties in our house, it doesn’t always work out that way.  So, when my husband cooks for me, I’m always delighted.  My style is more splap-dash; he’s more by-the-book.

In this case, last night’s dinner was from this book…

A Spoonful of Ginger cookbook

And this was the recipe.

Chicken stir fry recipe

My husband is meticulous with his chopping…

sous chef at work

(Paying attention to the culinary task at hand…not so much to his cooking attire.)

stripes and checks

The recipe calls for cooking the chicken first, then stir-frying the veggies…

veggies in the stir fry

“Everyone into the pool!” says my husband as he adds the chicken.

chicken added

A few minutes later, Voila; plated perfection!

plate of food with table setting

(And the best part? Tasty leftovers which means we’re both off the hook from cooking tonight!)

Note: My mother made our black and gold dinnerware set.  To see more of her handcrafted functional pottery, click here.


    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks so much for your nice comment! I’ll pass along what you said to my mom – she’ll be very pleased! Unfortunately, on our move to NY 3 years ago, the movers broke 6 of my dinner plates. The only positive was that my mom had made 10 large dinner plates, so we still have a set of 4. (And I have many small dessert plates and bowls in the same pattern.)

      Just got back from a two day tour with Andrea Bocelli. I had a lot of fun, but I’m happy to have the day of today…my official start of summer. Yay!

      XOX – Joana

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