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Kicking Up My Heels – The Artist as Model

I’ve been working on a new illustration and am currently on Draft #3 of the preliminary sketch.  Draft #1 is NOT post-able…

But Draft #2 has some promise.

girl kicking up her heel

(As you can see, I struggled with the angle of the girl’s left foot, though.)

In an attempt to get a better perspective, I had my husband take a picture of me in a similar pose.  My outfit and bed-head ‘do are fashion don’ts, but the photo gave me some needed perspective.

Joana with present blog

And, instead of just tweaking Draft #2, I decided to start over.

Here’s Draft #3.

girl kicking up her heel modeled after Joana

I’ll sleep on these versions before deciding the next step (which will be with my heel kicked up, of course.)


  1. gosh, your outfit is amazing!! (I think the pose and the draft are good! Maybe the left knee needs to go down a bit is all). But boy, those shoes are to die for!
    xoxoxox mehmeh

    • Hi Ma,

      Andy said the same about the left knee, so I’ll give myself surgery tomorrow. I think I bought the shoes a size too small (those are the gold ones) or maybe my feet are just swollen from this heat. I also have a silver pair (slightly different style) that are more comfortable and even cheaper;-) I wore the silver ones to the Met the other night.

      I lurve you, J

  2. Helen Reich says

    I like her expression in the first one…..she looks mischievous. Your models’ legs are getting impossibly long!

    • Long, maybe…but the beauty of working on paper is that anything is possible! 🙂

      It’s hot and muggy here with seemingly no let up. I’m wilting…


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