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Sweet Indulgences at Mrs. London’s Bakery and Cafe in Saratoga Springs, NY

A stay in Saratoga Springs, NY is just not complete unless you make time for a meal or a treat at Mrs. London’s Bakery and Cafe.  My husband and I did just that this afternoon when we stopped in for a late lunch.  He got the smoked turkey panini (with fontina cheese and roasted peppers) and I got the mozzarella and salami on a baguette.  Before I even thought to photograph our delicious sandwiches, we had devoured them.  I guess that’s what comes of waiting to eat lunch until 2 p.m.!  (We also scarfed down a fresh-baked double chocolate pecan cookie…mmm.)

Before we left, I made sure to photograph some of the baked beauties in the display case.  After all, the New York City Ballet performances at SPAC run through Saturday, so there’s still time to pop in for another treat…choosing just one will be the challenge.

(A caveat:  Don’t watch this slideshow if you are on a diet…)

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  1. it’s a Brittany!!! Oh my god how delicious they are. And what torture to watch this slide show after a dinner of 6 cucumber slices and 3 tomato slices. (I realize you warned about that…)

    • Ok, I’ll see if they have a Brittany available on Sunday before we leave so that we can bring it to you. (Yes, the “caveat” was put there with you in mind…shoulda known you wouldn’t listen;-)

      Love you, Ma – J

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