In Celebration of Food and Giving

Last night, my husband and I were invited to dine at a friend’s apartment.  While I wouldn’t usually bring my camera to photograph the food at a dinner party, I knew that we were in for a treat. Describing our hostess as a “gourmet cook” is an understatement…it’s rare that I’ve had food this good even in pricey restaurants.  She’s a Vegan, but bends the rules a bit for special occasions. This dinner was a celebration of summer truffles, and most of the savory dishes featured truffles or truffle oil.  The dishes were vegetarian, and each dish – including the Kalamata Olive Bread and the spaghetti – was made by our hostess from scratch.  (By the way, she also grows her own herbs in her indoor window box garden – not an easy feat in a NYC apartment!)

Here is a slide show of what we were served:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today as I prepped and served lunch to the homeless at a nearby church with other volunteers from New York Cares , I thought of the meal I had just eaten the night before.  Even though today’s meal was far more basic, to serve food with care and love is one of the greatest gifts we can give to others.


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2 responses to “In Celebration of Food and Giving

  1. Ed Sahagian-Allsopp

    Bravo to the chef and the photographer.

    • Thanks, Ed! The photography pales in comparison to the tastes of the food, but I did my best.

      How are things going with you and Beth? Any new large scale works being created at the foundry? Lately, I’ve seen a few people around the city who remind me of you…I say “hi” to them but just get blank stares back;-)


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