In Search of That Elusive “Je Ne Sais Quoi” Element…

For a while now, I’ve realized that my Etsy Shop description (Original Art and Designs) needs a little spicing up if it’s going to keep pace with Josephine’s evolving style.  I’m looking for something more chic, something more catchy, something more…

Je ne sais quoi!

To that end (and at my husband’s suggestion) I’ve been compiling lists of words on a giant sheet of poster board – then trying to combine them in ways that capture the spirit of my illustrations, my shop and my aesthetic.  So far, I’m not yet out of inspiration.  Here’s hoping that my silver pen doesn’t give out on me…

searching for je ne sais quoi

[Note added August 7th, 2013 ~ Eureka!  Mission Accomplished!  Please check out Joana Miranda Studio –  Artfully Fashioned Designs.]


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4 responses to “In Search of That Elusive “Je Ne Sais Quoi” Element…

  1. There’s no “s” at the end of “quoi”, ma chere.

    • Oops, I guess I proved “je ne sais rien!” 😉

      I’ll correct that blooper promptly. Thanks for alerting me, ma cherie! Joana P.s. I finally hit on my new tagline. It’s “Artfully Fashioned Designs”.

      • Oh, I like it! Good for you, taglines can’t be easy.

        • Hi Helen,

          Thanks! I got really excited when I put together the phrase “Drawn to Style”; however, after searching online, I realized that quite a few others were already using it. 😦 But I think “Artfully Fashioned” is just fine, too…not so specific that I’m not left with room to grow, but still “apt” enough to describe what I”m doing. (At least, that’s my hope;-)

          Hope you are enjoying lots of lovely free time!


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