My Favorite Things – Eating my Props

As many of you know, I’ve been busy trying to photograph my cards for my Etsy shop.  Although there was some hair-tearing and gnashing of teeth earlier this week (see here), I’ve now settled happily into a routine with my camera.  I discovered that photographing the cards on our dining room table (which gets southern, but indirect sun) works best.  I’m shooting with my Canon Rebel xTi camera equipped with an 18-55mm lens.  Setting the white balance to “Shady” has given me the best results, although I still have to do some temperature correcting in my photo-editing program. I’m a fan of shooting with the Av (Aperture Priority) mode since you can get artistic-looking blurred backgrounds.  (If you’re curious to learn more about shooting with Aperture Priority, this explanation may be helpful.)

Part of the fun has been to pair my cards with props to help “sell” the image.  Today when I set out to photograph this card…

Tout de Sweet card mockup for blog

It occurred to me that a sweet treat might be the perfect accompaniment.  After playing around with the position of my props, I decided that I liked this shot best.

Tout de Sweet tabletop mockup watermark

But then I wondered if the little tart might look more real if it had a bite taken out of it.

Tout de sweet tabletop mockup2

Unfortunately, my bite ended up looking too big (and the two remaining raspberries looked odd), so I had to eat some more.

Tout de sweet tabletop mockup3

(The dessert is now gone, but fortunately you can find the card here!)


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7 responses to “My Favorite Things – Eating my Props

  1. Hi Joana,
    Another excellent illustration. Your photos look gorgeous too.

    • Muito obrigada, Pedro. Coming from you, the comment about my photos means a lot!

      O meu marido e eu estamos fazer planos para visitar Portugal no verao que vem. Se calhar, podiamos dar um salto para visitar Obidos. It would be lovely to finally meet you and Teresa “for real” and tomar um chazinho com voces em qualquer lado.

      Um abraco para ti e Teresa da Joana

  2. ma

    How “suite” was that? I bet the tart was good, sure hope you had another waiting in the wings…..

    xoxo mm

    • Actually, the tart looked better than it tasted. It was a raspberry cheesecake tart-let from Whole Foods; but truth be told, it tasted like Elmer’s Glue was one of the ingredients.

      Lurve you, J

  3. Very cute post, Joana. No worries, the tart looks real.

    • Hi Helen,

      As you’ll see from the reply I wrote to my ma, I’m not sure just how real that tart was in the end. Why would raspberry cheesecake taste like glue?

      One of the to-do cards on my photography list requires chocolates. Neuhaus – my favorite NYC chocolate shop – closed its Upper West Side branch a few years back. I might have to “settle” for Jacques Torres chocolates for my “props.” 🙂


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