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Just Desserts Tonight…

I tried out a new dessert recipe for friends tonight.  It was a gluten-free chocolate coconut ginger tart (which I made into individual tart-lets.)  I also added homemade caramel sauce for a drizzle of sweetness on the plate.  Making the caramel sauce this afternoon made me feel like a “sweet genius.”  I couldn’t believe that a cream-free caramel recipe with so little butter could turn out so silky and perfectly caramel-y tasting.  I halved the caramel sauce recipe since I just wanted enough for a drizzle – otherwise, I made no other deviations to the recipe.

I highly recommend the tart recipe, too, although the next time I make it I’m going to use even smaller tart tins.  The flavors are dark, rich, complicated and intense enough that just a few bites are filling – and a perfectly satisfying end to an elegant meal.

Here are the tarts:

chocolate tart

And here’s the tart with the divine caramel sauce:

chocolate coconut ginger tart

(P.s. Although I took the pictures with the tarts still in their tins, when I served them, they un-molded without any problem and held their shape beautifully.)


  1. Looks and sounds perfectly fabulous! I don’t have a food processor or tart pans, so it’s a little too advanced for my humble kitchen, but I can see the appeal of all these almost contradictory flavors. The slivered almonds look gorgeous on top, and the crust sounds sensual. I still am intending to email you with some ideas/questions…..hope to get to it soon!

    • Hi Helen,

      The almond flour crust (which I made by grinding up blanched almonds) combined with the shredded coconut tasted like a macaroon. And the chocolate and ginger were really nice together, too. I think they do sell mini food processors…which would take up a lot less room in your kitchen if space is the issue. We don’t use our food processor all the time, but frequently enough. It makes short work of making pesto, and is very useful when you need things very finely chopped or pureed.

      I look forward to your “questionable” email;-)

      Ciao – Joana

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