Friday’s Thought – For My Friends

mauve wall and flowers

“If friends were flowers, I’d pick you.”

(Albert Camus)



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2 responses to “Friday’s Thought – For My Friends

  1. Betty Williams

    You made me smile early this morning! Thanks so much. Now, I open my computer to see if you re there. Enjoyed the picture of you and Betsy. Hugs, Betty

    • Hi Betty,

      Thanks so much for writing to let me know! Betsy told me that you also liked the recent anniversary card illustration I did. The funny thing is that I did it thinking of my parents’ upcoming anniversary. My mom – probably my first blog follower when I started blogging a handful of years ago – told me she saw that post and thought “Who does Joana know who is celebrating a 45 year anniversary…it’s not her parents-in-law…I wonder who it could be?” before she put two and two together.

      I’m very much enjoying seeing Betsy on this opera run – less so the opera itself, though. But I suppose she can fill you in on the gory details.

      🙂 Joana

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