My Favorite Things – Reworking An Old Illustration (and seeing the progress!)

About a year ago I switched from working with watercolors and gouache to using markers and ink for my fashionista illustrations.  I made the switch for several reasons; I wanted more vibrancy to my colors, and I wanted to work with a more translucent paper without having to worry about the paper buckling under the wetness of the paint.

My first attempts with markers were fairly clumsy and heavy-handed, but I feel now like I’m really growing into the medium.  Today I brought back an old illustration to rework.  I always liked the drawing, but knew when I originally finished it that it would need to be reworked at a later date.

Here’s the old version:

Good Health and Happy Birthday old illustration

And here is the new re-worked version:

Good Health and Happy Birthday reheeled blog

The greeting card version is now available in my shop at Etsy!


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7 responses to “My Favorite Things – Reworking An Old Illustration (and seeing the progress!)

  1. Jean Casparius

    I love what you do always fun to see what is next Keep drawing

  2. Helen Reich

    I like both!

    • Thanks, Helen – you’re a dear!

      I know I owe you an email…but have been swamped (“sleazed” is more like it) with the Anna Nicole opera rehearsals out in Brooklyn. I return for another 6 hours tomorrows…

      I promise to be back in touch this weekend – 🙂 Joana

  3. ma

    I love the new version, very lively! But shouldn’t the heel on her shoe be showing? it does in the old version….

    • Hi Ma,

      I’ll scrutinize it again, but I think the angle of the foot would block the heel being visible. Or maybe the heel broke off when she ran from the subway to pick up that morning’s New York Times…;-)

      Love, J

      • And after sleeping on it, I’ve decided to add a teeny glimpse of the heel. (It now appears in this version and in the greeting card version as well.) See, Ma, I DO listen (sometimes;-)

        XOX – J

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