Wrapping Up An Exciting Week…

Over the moon cropped watermarked

The highlights have included…

1. Working on multiple illustrations for a custom order

2. Rehearsing and performing with City Opera at BAM

3. Enjoying a visit from my Ma (who I love dearly)

– and – 


Yes, that’s right!  Josephine will soon be gracing covers of cell phones and Kindle-type products.  More details will follow, but right now a post-performance glass of wine and cheese (and my husband) are calling.

(P.S. The card version of the illustration is now available at my shop at Etsy.  Take  look here.)



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4 responses to “Wrapping Up An Exciting Week…

  1. Wow!
    What a great week for Josephine 🙂

  2. Finally, Josephine will be available to the public that has been clamouring for her! Her fans will soon have her on their cell phones, where they can be nearer to her. The Internet rejoices!

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