In the Mirror – New Twilight Version

I created a fun illustration a few weeks ago and then decided to redo it with a new background.

Here’s the “old” version…

In the mirror final signature erased watermarked

And the new…

In the mirror new final cropped watermarked

Although it wasn’t my intention, I love how the pink of Josephine’s hair towel along with the green upholstery of the chair are suggestive of a rose in the new “twilight” version!

This illustration will be available on a new product debuting in my shop at Etsy soon…but for now (like Josephine’s hair) I’m keeping the project under wraps.


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4 responses to “In the Mirror – New Twilight Version

  1. Pa

    I agree the new one has great style. Still remember the first draft that reminded me of a 15th c. drawing.

  2. I also like the new background because it looks elegant and is a simpler contrast to the subject. It looks warmer, if that makes sense, even though grey isn’t usually thought of as a warm color!

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Helen! As my illustrations continue to evolve, I’m hoping to be a little more adventurous with the backgrounds. It’s a challenge to create something that looks neutral enough so that it doesn’t compete with the figure (my main focus) but at the same time also puts the figure in context and enhances the overall mood.

      Ciao for now – Joana

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