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Jo’s Journey – A Somewhat Irreverent Guide to Doing Anything Better (Accessorizing a Pixie ‘Do)

I’ve been so busy recently that there’s been no time to schedule a haircut, let alone take much time to make myself presentable.  So I turned to Josephine for some inspiration.

Being a “Josephine,” her first suggestion naturally was to go retro – like REALLY retro (circa 1800 to be precise)…

Josesphine with Laurel Headband

When I went searching online for a headband similar to the one she suggested, I found exactly what I was looking for here.

I was about to buy it, but since headbands sometimes pinch the sides of my head, I asked Josephine for more hair accessory ideas.  She showed me this look which I thought was darling…

Fancy Josephine

An online search for purple rose clip brought me to a very similar-looking product here.  I immediately bought the clip but realized I might need something less sumptuous for every day.

Josephine suggested something sunny, playful and fun like this small bobby pin flower.

Winking Josephine

Imagine my surprise when I learned all three lovely hair accessories are made by a friend and violist colleague from my Milwaukee Symphony Days!

(Coincidence?  Hmmm…)


  1. Wow, thanks for featuring my stuff! Josephine certainly does have a sophisticated eye for design, just like you. Very cute drawings! I bet Sadie will be interested.

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