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My Favorite Things – A Room With A View

New York City real estate…aah, the choices we make.  If I could wave a fairy wand, we would live in a glorious architectural gem on New York’s Upper West Side.  But since fairy wands were on back-order when we moved to the city, the only part of the wish that was granted was that we found an apartment on the Upper West Side.  Our building is nothing to look at;  however, since we live in it, we don’t have to look at it.

Fortunately, our view is actually quite pleasant.  The first year I delighted in pretending that we lived across from a Swiss chalet – not such a stretch when the weather was doing this.

slumbering giants

I’m pretty sure that if Benjamin Franklin had been a New Yorker he would have said “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and CONSTRUCTION.”  As it happened, just a short time after we moved here, up went scaffolding and a shroud and away went our view.

shrouded building

I suppose you’re thinking “She must not have anything to write about!” (only partly true) but after a year of nothing progressing except the gradual darkening of the once white shroud, work finally began this past spring and concluded this week.

Like the unwrapping of a giant gift, the shroud and scaffolding started to come down two days ago…

shroud being removed

And I’ve been enjoying the progress (not to mention that I like the white paint and spiffy copper drain pipes!)

city block on the Upper West Side

It’s slow going (that’s a lot of scaffolding), but the workers seem pretty tireless and fearless.  From my vantage point they look like ants…

workers taking down scaffold

(And in case you’re searching for a good model of camera, here’s what the zoom on my Panasonic Lumix can do!)

taking down the scaffold


  1. Jack Williams says

    Oh, Joana, you make sunshine in our home! Thank you for sharing and I love hearing and seeing Manhattan since it is such a favorite place of mine. I can remember every single trip of ours and something special happened in each one of them that stays in my memory. I have enjoyed your notepaper so much and plan to order some more and perhaps enclose in a small Christmas gift to my grandaughters and friends. The weather here is beautiful and hope the same for you. Hugs, Betty (Betsy’s mother-in-law)

    • Hi Betty,

      What a delight to read your comment this morning! I think there are people who are born loving New York; for others it just somehow doesn’t “take.” I’m glad that you share my love for the city. I find it so energizing and fun to live here. And I’m hoping that I’ll soon have a little more time to get out and take better pictures with my camera. Being so near Central Park is a luxury – especially at this time of year – and I can’t wait to start seeing some fall colors.

      I don’t know if I mentioned, but I did sign my first art licensing deal recently. A number of my illustrations will be appearing on iPhones and iPad-type products. When I know more, I’ll post the details on my blog. I don’t even have an iPhone, but now I’m thinking that I’ll have to get one so that I can accessorize with one of “my” cases.

      I hope you have a lovely week!
      XOX – Joana

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