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My Favorite Things – Lunch on a Whim at Whym

With ballet season well underway, my husband and I are back to a 6-day-a-week, pretty much non-stop work schedule.  Our dinner hour is often 11 p.m., and carving out time for each other during the day is usually impossible.  So that’s why lunch yesterday was so special.

When rehearsal finished at 2 p.m., we walked a few short blocks south to one of our new favorite haunts

whym sign

Where the booths are clean and comfortable…

Whym tables

And the ambiance is bright, cheery and inviting.

Whym chandeliers

At 2 p.m. the lunch rush was over and the bar was deserted.

bar at Whym

Which gave me a chance to zoom in on the jar of house-made Buddha’s Hand liqueur (I still think it looks like addled brains).

Buddha's hand

(My husband’s brain, on the other hand, is anything but, so lunch conversation was lively and interesting.)

my husband and his glasses

Once our food arrived, though, we chowed down since we were both famished.  

our salads

(Our salads were delicious, and we’ll be back for another meal soon!)

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