Turning Heads – A Shift in Focus

The progress on my latest illustration – which I’m calling at present “Turning Heads” – has been slow, to say the least.  Although I did flesh out a lot of the details of the background, the transferred fine-line outline drawing is all that I have to show at this time.

Turning Heads outlined illustration

But if you’d like to hear Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence, Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony, Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances,  the full-length Cinderella Ballet and a handful of other gems from the orchestral repertoire, you can stand on the sidewalk outside my window as I do some serious (as we call it in the business) “wood-shedding.”  Or, better yet, come to see the San Francisco Ballet over the next two weeks at Lincoln Center.  (After all, hearing the entire orchestra together with the dancers on stage will probably be a lot more interesting than just hearing a single viola part.)

And after all of this practicing, my playing might even turn a few heads.

(Here’s hoping…)



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2 responses to “Turning Heads – A Shift in Focus

  1. I’m getting on the next plane to listen to you practice. Those excerpts better be good.

    • Wow, I have a fan club of ONE!

      We had 3 hours of rehearsals on Monday, 6 hours of rehearsing today, have another 3 tomorrow and open with the first show tomorrow evening. And there will still be 7 more services this week! Hope my arms don’t fall off…

      So far, I’ve been lucky.* Seems like my regular exercise routine together with my evening “unwinding” drink and a good night’s sleep gets me revived for each day of this playing marathon. May it continue (the good physical health, that is!)

      🙂 Joana

      *Ok, and I’m also trying to do intelligent practice so that I’m prepared and not playing with stress.

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