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A Character Emerges – Moving Forward with my Latest Illustration

Last week felt like it lasted a month.  Eleven services with San Francisco Ballet, two students, and playing a few solo pieces for a colleague left me exhausted, not to mention that I had absolutely no time for my other passion – my illustrations.

But today was a day off, so I took the opportunity to sit down at my drafting table and do some work on my “Turning Heads” illustration.

She’s beginning to take shape nicely…

a character emerges

As you can see, I often work from compilations of photos.  A scene, an outfit, or maybe an accessory jumps out at me; the trick is to combine them all in a way that makes sense for Josephine.  (So far, she’s pretty excited with where I’m going with this one.)

And I’ll keep posting my progress.

In the meantime, if you happen to be in NY City this week, I hope you’ll come see/hear Prokofiev’s Cinderella danced by the San Francisco Ballet at the David H. Koch Theatre.

(I’ll be playing my heart out in the pit.)


    • Thanks, Helen!

      By the way, Andy called a mistake in that post to my attention. I wrote I was playing Romeo and Juliet, when in fact I’m playing Cinderella. No, it’s not because I hadn’t cracked open the score…it’s because I’m out of my mind TIRED!

      (The mistake has since been corrected on my blog.)

      I hope you are doing well! 🙂 Joana

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