Stepping Back to Look at the Easel…

Because of my busy schedule and a trip out of town recently, I’ve had an illustration “in-progress” for a lot longer than I usually like.  Although I completed what I thought was going to be the final color rendering over a week ago…

Turning heads version 1

I was not entirely happy with the background.  Stepping back to “look at the easel” also gave me more perspective on the size of the figures in relation to one another.  So I’ve spent the intervening time mulling over my options and figuring out if this is an illustration that can be salvaged, or if I should restart from scratch.

Here’s what I came up with last night…

Fleet Week

And I’m liking where the story is headed!



Filed under Art, illustration, marker and ink illustration

2 responses to “Stepping Back to Look at the Easel…

  1. You are getting so good at these illustrations. Keep it up. It is inspiring.

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