A Year’s Rest Brings New Clarity to an Old Illustration

As many of you know, this blog is as much about celebrating the creative process, as it is a forum for me to share my art and that which I find beautiful in the world.  My hopes are that by being transparent about my process, some of my readers will be inspired to set forward on their own creative journeys.

With this in mind, I thought it might be fun for “y’all” to see an old illustration that I recently reworked.  I always thought this illustration had promise…

Deck the halls old version 688But a few months ago removed it from my shop because I felt I could do better.  Over the past two days, I redrew and then repainted Josephine and her little dog André.  They’ve got new clarity and purpose and are marching off to add holiday cheer to my shop.

Deck the halls redone3 cropped 640

(You can join them here.)


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2 responses to “A Year’s Rest Brings New Clarity to an Old Illustration

  1. I agree. I like the new found clarity, but even more, I like that Josephine’s face is now much more expressive.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks so much! Having fun and interesting expressions is the goal I keep striving towards (as well as having dynamic movement in the figure) so it’s good to hear that I’m on the right track!

      Hope you are having a nice weekend! 🙂 Joana

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