My Favorite Things – Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Here’s a collection of my rose pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you tell I love roses?


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7 responses to “My Favorite Things – Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

  1. Teresa Nogueira

    Beautiful collection you have here.
    My favorite flower 🙂

    • Muito obrigada, Teresa! I bet the roses in Portugal are even more spectacular than they are here. (Although, in New York City you can usually buy a dozen roses for as little as 8$) If I could, I would buy a bunch a week…

      Um abraco,
      da Joana

  2. fantastic gallery. I love roses, too, but they must have a nice fragance. You can see some photos of roses in my blog.

    • I agree about the fragrance bit, but these days I find that it’s hard to find beautiful AND fragrant roses. Sigh.

      🙂 Joana

      • yes, you are right, and here they are very expensive.

        • I just checked out your photos on your blog. You have an amazing eye, not to mention that your handmade jewelry is lovely. It’s nice to know that there is another kindred spirit out there interested in so many of the same things that I like!

          With all best wishes,

          • I’m glad to hear that you checked my photos and that you like my photos and jewellery. That’s really wonderful to find people all over the world that like the same and appreciate it. Warm regards Mitza

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