For those of you wondering if I gave up on the sewing project upon which I embarked a few weeks ago, I’m happy to report that I have finally finished the pants.  I can also say that these are definitely “tuition pants.”  There was blood (wow! sewing machine needles are sharp!) and sweat, but no tears in this project.  In fact, I was actually a miracle of patience throughout the process.

And here’s why…

I came home with lovely fabric from Paron Fabrics only to realize that the diagonal pin-striping really wasn’t suited for pants.  Another subway ride to the garment district and $20 worth of new fabric later, I had the pants cut out and plunged into the sewing.  I finished the first pants leg and was just embarking on the second when my sewing machine died.

Totally. Completely.

So off the machine went to the (sewing machine) doctor.  Ninety-five dollars later, I had it back and resumed my sewing.  I finished the second leg and paraded around the apartment wearing what looked like chaps (the legs weren’t yet joined) before I decided I should redo two of the seams.  Happier with the fit, I then attempted to install the invisible zipper.  It took only about 6 tries before I had it installed correctly and fairly invisibly.  I was very proud and went to show my husband.

“Look, Dear!”

Up, down, up, down went the zipper, and then Zwooop! I pulled the zipper pull right off the track.

Another subway ride and .75 cents later, it only took me another 4 attempts to install the invisible zipper.  I finished the waistband, and with my husband’s pinning help, hemmed the pants.

Here they are in multiple views…

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I couldn’t be happier!  And you know what?  I’m looking forward to my next project.

(A special thank you to my mother who taught me to sew; and to my husband who tolerated the ironing board and iron in our entry way, along with lots of black threads all over the apartment floor for a few weeks!)


  1. ma says:

    Wow, nice job Jemoo! I was sort of looking forward to the diagonal pinstripe version, but these are just wonderful. Excellent zipper sewing! Beautiful fit.
    You can…..go into business……!!!
    love, mm
    (where are the rhinestones and the chain?)

    • Joana says:

      Hi Ma,

      I’m saving the rhinestones and chains for when I’m even more talented…(never!) Hee hee. The pants wore beautifully tonight. I sort of expected a seam to burst, but no, they remained intact and have held their shape beautifully.


      I love you – J

  2. Helen Reich says:

    They look great on you, Joana. Kudos for staying with it! I continue to have lots of sewing accidents, but fewer than when I started out…..threads knotting, tangles, needles accidentally catching something….and to say nothing of the glue accidents….we live to fight another day.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      Thanks! I’m already itching to go get more material for another pair. After that, I think I’ll tackle making a top, or maybe a dress. In my advanced age;-), I’ve discovered that wearing a dress is often the easiest and most comfortable option for me. Paired with tights and a pair of boots, I’m set for colder weather, too.

      Keep up the fight! 🙂 Joana

  3. Pamela Frame says:

    Wow! I wonder whether they remember me at Paron Fabrics! Joana, I feel your pain. Been there, tore out the same seams, about the same number of times, and I have SEVERAL used sewing machines in various states of non-operability right now. Only $95. to repair a machine in NYC? Incredible. Perhaps it just needed to be threaded or something. Haha. I used to sew a LOT.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Pam,

      I didn’t know you were a “sew-er”, too. The folks at Paron are very nice – as are the ones at Daytona Trim. I’ll be returning to both places soon.:-)

      It turned out that a bolt had rusted inside my sewing machine and, as a result, the motor came loose from the belt. The repair took a little longer than initially promised, but the machine works great now so I’m thrilled!

      I hope you are doing well and looking forward to the holiday season!

      A big hug – Joana

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