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Celebrating the First Day of Winter (At An Unseasonable 62 Degrees!)

But at least Josephine and Andre are enjoying their wintry wonderland…

Laughter and cheer for blog

Here’s to the land of fantasy and make-believe!

(Please visit my shop at Etsy to see the greeting card version.)


    • Hi Helen,

      That’s nice! We’re definitely in for a NOT white Christmas. Today will be 60 with 100% chance of rain. However, the temps will fall throughout the day, and by tomorrow we’ll be back to more normal temperatures in the 30s. I’m Nutting 8 more times this week…not exactly a restful Christmas, but I’m always happy for the work. (I think I’ll be up to 29 shows this season by the end of this week…and the shows continue through Jan. 4th!)

      In other news, I’m happy to be working on another multiple illustration custom project (for a website) AND I finished yet another pair of slim pencil pants (in black velvet.) 🙂

      I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the New Year brings all good things (especially this year!) XOX – Joana

  1. Olá Joana,
    Espero que tudo esteja a correr bem por NY.
    Em Óbidos não há neve mas também faz muito frio 🙂
    Feliz Natal para ti e para toda a família.

    • Ola Pedro,

      Muito obrigado com sempre por escrever! Hoje vai ser outro dia de calor…e chuva. Mas amanha vai voltar as temperaturas mais “seasonal” aqui em Nova Iorque. Gostava muito de ver Obidos nesta altura de Natal – se qualhar, um destes dias…

      Espero que tu e Teresa tenham um muito feliz natal e um bon Ano Novo!

      Um abraco da Joana

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