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Happy New Year From Joana Miranda Studio!

Happy New Year 2014

Break out the bubbly…it’s time to celebrate!


    • Feliz Ano Novo, Pedro! My husband gave me a Portugal calendar for Christmas and January’s photo is of the Silves cathedral in the Silves region of the Algarve. Have you been there? The photo looks sunny and inviting…unlike the cold we’ll be having here today…

      Um abraco da Joana

      • Hi Joana,
        Yes, I have been there once. They also have a big castle. It’s the most important and best preserved moorish fortification in Portugal.
        Um abraço,

        • Ola Pedro,

          I used to spend time in the Algarve when I was very little, but I don’t remember it much. (And besides that, I think most of the time was spent at the beach!)

          My husband and I are hoping to get back to Portugal this summer. We still haven’t made any concrete plans – or thought much about where we’d go outside of Lisbon and Sintra. I suppose that going to the Algarve in August is probably not the best plan since it will be so crowded and touristy, right? Any suggestions? I don’t know the interior of the country much at all, so we might rent a car and go exploring…

          Um abraco, Joana

          • No, Algarve in August is not a good idea, indeed.
            As a matter of fact, August in Portugal is not a good idea at all.
            If you can, try July or the first half of September.
            About suggestions beyond the coast line, let me tell that we are in the same circumstances. I also don’t know the interior of the country 🙂
            Um abraço,

            • Ola Pedro,

              Yes, I know you’re right about August, although we did luck out on our last visit to Portugal a few years ago. We went in late August and had weather mainly in the 70s (not too hot.) We spent time in Lisboa, Porto, e Sintra. With my parents I’ve been to Tomar, Sesimbra and the Madeira and Azores Islands (I was very little when we went to the islands, though.) Interesting that you don’t know the interior of the country well…time to explore! 🙂

              We got a nice amount of snow last night and the city is very quiet today. However, the neve doesn’t last long here since it gets turned to slush and water very quickly by the traffic.

              Um abraco, Joana

  1. I love that she’s going through a door, to an empty room (the new year) that starts with just a fancy chandelier. Oh, the symbolism! You are so profound 🙂

    • Thank you, Helen! I’m profoundly grateful to you for your support and friendship. (Other than that, don’t know how “profound” I am;-)

      I see that you’re in for some very cold weather in Milwaukee this coming week. I’ll be in Ohio helping out my parents (my mother had a complete knee replacement in mid-Dec., and Andy will be in Milwaukee for part of that time before joining me on OH.) Stay warm, dearie, and drive safely.

      XOX – Joana

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