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My Favorite Things – Having the Time to “Play” at My Drafting Table

Although I went back to teaching today (I’m fortunate to be blessed with great students!), I still had the better part of the day to play work on my illustrations.  My goal was to experiment with India ink and my nib pen for the illustration outline.  I was also going for more freedom in my coloring approach.  In the pencil sketch (which I worked on yesterday) I focused on elongating the figure even more than I usually do since I wanted to emphasize her grace and bring out the overall glamour in the composition.

What a luxury to be able to experiment and even REDO an illustration – in this case, the version below is my 2nd attempt…

Valentine Rose final

I’m fired up to do more illustrations using the techniques above, but first I’ll be turning my attention to finishing a 5-illustration custom project.

See you back here soon!


    • Thanks so much, Helen. I’ve been playing around with the text for the front of the card…trying to hand-write it (using the Wacom tablet) for a change. But I haven’t had much success so far (or I just don’t like my handwriting!)

      I think you guys are experiencing another dose of winter. I hope you’re staying warm at least! We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, although I don’t think there will be much accumulation. Off to balance the checkbook now. Oh joy;-)

      XOX – Joana

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