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Friday’s Thought – A Love Letter to New York

Love letter to NY




  1. Hi Joana, your drawing skills are amazing. Now just a technical curiosity. Why have you chose to outline Josephine with black multiliner instead of your usual skin? It is maybe to match all the grays?

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for your comment (and for your email, which I’ll respond to shortly.) I’ve gone back to using a dip pen for the outlines because I like the clarity, the quality of the lines and the fact that the illustration pops more off the page. I least I think so! I’m also very fond of the look of retro advertising posters and those often have the black outlines as well. What’s your opinion – do you think that one style comes off better than the other in my work?

      This illustration is still a work in progress – or, to be more precise – one that I’m going to redo. I love the concept, but need to make some important changes. I might even be able to post the 2nd version tonight.

      Ciao! Joana

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