My Favorite Things – A Sewing Machine That Works!

My 2nd-hand Necchi sewing machine died recently.


Which left me with material and a zipper for a pair of concert pants and no way to make the pants.

Even worse, I made this nice pair of pencil pants in May…

pencil pants

And was extremely proud of the fact that I modified the waist so that the look was less Mom-style pants and more “hip” (in both senses of the word.)  But my modifications resulted in a problem – waist gap.  And even though Kate Middleton has made showing off her (lack of) underwear a somewhat “in” thing, I’m not comfortable going that route.


pants with waistband gap

Fixing the waist band means taking it off, re-cutting and re-sewing, so I splurged and bought a NEW sewing machine.  It’s a Pfaff Smarter model and I was assured that this basic version will do pretty much all I need.

(Besides, it goes with my decor…)

Pfaff sewing machine

Learning to make your own clothes…what could be smarter than that?


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