An Illustration Make-Over!

A few days ago, I posted this illustration “in-progress”:

March cab girl first draft watermarked

As I mentioned when I posted the version above, I wanted to redo “his” face as well as play around with some of my color choices.  As you’ll see below, I did those things.  You might also notice that a certain little dog is now curiously checking out what’s going on!  This illustration will be part of my 2015 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar, although I’m keeping the month assignment under wraps for now.

March cab girl redone watermarked

Like what you see?  Then come back tomorrow for a preview of yet another of my calendar illustrations!



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4 responses to “An Illustration Make-Over!

  1. Cuuuute! Looks good. I like his face better, and Josephine looks a little more excited.

    • Thanks, Helen! I can’t believe how tricky it is to illustrate men. On the one hand, you don’t want to add a lot of lines, but it’s a challenge then to make the man look “age appropriate.” But I’ll keep at it…practice makes perfect, or something like that;-)

      Hope you are having a very happy Sunday!


      On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 12:38 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


  2. tracyfredericks1

    Hello, I am glad you changed the doorman because it looked as though he was a person of color. His hair looks curly and his nose looks a bit rounder. I would like to think that we have evolved from this stereotype. He now looks caucasian with light skin and a pointy nose.

    I also like her face now. She is smiling and looks friendlier. And of course the dog is adorable.

    Finally, I have not seen a drawing with a woman of color in it. Would love to see one so that I can purchase it for my friends of color.

    Thank you for sharing. You are so awesomely talented that your illustrations always make me go wow! Keep up the great work.



    • Hi Tracy,

      I loved hearing from you on my blog, and your comments are very perceptive and helpful! Working on your illustrations with you was such a pleasure, not the least because your project helped to push me out of a box that had been mainly inhabited up to that point by a single Caucasian long-haired brunette “fashionista”! As I’m developing my signature style, I’m also venturing into illustrating pixies, blondes and, more recently, attempting men, too! The lack of people of color will be remedied soon, I promise! (My blog has rotating banners and the one with the light-skinned African American woman, along with the Asian woman and the two blondes was inspired by the work I did for you.:-)

      How are things going in your business? I bet you are keeping very busy; I imagine that the upcoming holiday/party season is an even more busy time for style consultants.

      Gotta get started with my day now… A big hug, Joana ​

      On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 1:24 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


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