The Power of Persistence – My Latest Fashion Illustration Gets a Dose of Attitude and Movement

Recently I became obsessed with one particular illustration.  My end goal – pretty much the same as usual – was to create a vibrantly stylish illustration that not only told its own story but expressed dynamic movement as well.  I won’t embarrass myself by posting the 6 initial attempts I made, but will say that my process went first from drawing in pen to eventually going back to blocking out the illustration in pencil.  However, along the way, I figured out which lines I really didn’t need and which were even more intriguing when left out.

My 6th attempt, posted a few days ago…

Blonde ambition

does have some lovely qualities and a sense of freedom in the lines.  However, I felt that the figure seemed somehow frozen in space…not dynamically striding across the page as I had intended.  So it was back to the drawing board, so to speak, this morning for another go.

I’m happy to report that the 7th attempt was the charm.  And here she is…

Blonde Ambition final watermarked

(She just happened to stride on over to my shop at Etsy, and you’ll find her on a greeting card here.)



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