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My Favorite Things (Part 2): Bondi Beach and the Coastal Walk

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of days spent on the beaches of Portugal.  And probably because of that, just hearing the surf and being able to stick my toes in the water makes me feel like I’ve REALLY escaped.

On Tuesday I escaped to Bondi Beach, which just happens to be Australia’s most famous beach.

Bondi Beach

The temperature was relatively cool (77 degrees), and just perfect for a stroll along the Coastal Walk.

Coastal Walk path

natural pools by the side of the ocean

Meandering along the natural rock formations…

rocks on the coastal walk

interesting rock along the coastal walk

The walk follows the bluffs taking you high up over the ocean.  The sights are spectacular at every turn! 

Ring rock

The bird’s eye vantage point (and a good zoom lens) offers great views of the surfers below.

surfers off of the coastal walk in Australia

surfers having fun

Not to mention a bathing beauty or two!

woman sitting on a rock near the ocean

At Tamarama Beach I turned back because I was getting hungry.  The views on the way back to Bondi Beach were just as spectacular of course!

Bondi beach coastal walk

Although it was mid-afternoon and I was famished when I got back to Bondi Beach, I had to stick my toes in the sand and water before getting lunch…

Selfie portrait in the sand

(Not to mention that it was fun to get some close-up shots of the surfers.)

surfer riding the wave2

surfer riding the wave

(And yes, the water is that turquoise and clear!)

Lunch was fried calamari  (rings just a little smaller than the O-shaped rock I saw on the Coastal Walk!) which I ate at a picnic table on the beach.  I couldn’t take a picture of my food since flocks of hungry seagulls were eyeing me greedily and I needed to be vigilant.

Even so, this Australian White Ibis swooped in over my shoulder and made off with my last calamari ring!  

Calamari Thief


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