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From My Sketchbook – A Breakthrough of Sorts

When I started carrying around my sketchbook a bit over a year ago, I was pretty shy about openly sketching people.  As a result, many of my sketches were of people’s backs.  Although I’m still sketching lots of backs, I’m proud that I now have a better sense of proportion and the hand-eye coordination to quickly lay out a complete figure in my sketchbook.

Sketch of woman with studded beret

Even better, this week when I started sketching a lady sitting directly across from me on the subway (see below), I was aware that she might know that she was being sketched.  But even better was that as I lost myself in doing this sketch, I didn’t realize that the gentleman next to me was watching the sketch unfold.  As he got up to leave the train he turned to me and said, “You’ve really got her down!”

Sketch of woman lost in thought on the subway

(Needless to say, I was tickled pink!)


    • Thanks, Helen!

      🙂 Joana

      On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 11:22 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


  1. I love the woman that is sitting on the train! She was thinking of all the errands she had to run besides maybe going to work and thinking how was she going to get them all done!

    • Or maybe she was musing on all of the passengers who were glued to their cellphones… I admit that I’m sometimes one of those, although I try not to be. Being glued to my sketching pad seems like a much more noble cause.

      🙂 Joana

      On Tue, May 10, 2016 at 10:19 AM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


        • I agree. And even though it’s an activity that completely absorbs me, I feel like it keeps me tuned in to more of what’s going on around me.

          🙂 Joana

          On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 10:54 AM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


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