From My Sketchbook – Bundle Up, It’s Cold Outside!

As a (stupid) youth, I refused to wear hats.  I thought they looked dorky and I also didn’t want to end up with the dreaded hat-head hair.  Now that I’m old and wise (decrepit?), I’ve realized that hats not only really do keep you warmer, but they also cover a multitude of hair sins…bad hair, bed-head, etc.  My fancy hat rotation currently includes 3 cloche style hats: one has a bow, another a red felt poppy, and the third, a sparkly rhinestone pin.  I also have a ski cap for grocery runs and a fancy grey beret with rhinestones for those “je ne sais quoi” days.

Maybe because I’ve finally wrapped my head around wearing hats – or, the other way around – I’m also drawn to sketching people with interesting hats.  (Note: for those of you still on the fence about wearing hats, I can tell you that hats are definitely IN in New York City right now.)

Here are a few ways that people are rocking their hats…






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