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New Year’s Resolution?

How are your resolutions going?  If you’ve already “fallen off the wagon,” don’t beat yourself up.  Maybe your resolutions were unrealistic.   Besides, each new sunrise brings a fresh chance…

(Speaking of, there’s still a chance to nab one of the 2018 Joana Miranda Studio Cartoon Calendars.  Pick yours up here.)


    • Hi Helen,

      My resolutions have been the same for several years now…partly because they are important, and partly because I haven’t done the best at sticking to them. But this time around I AM sticking to them since I’ve learned the hard way (only now gradually recovering from almost 3 weeks of intestinal trauma/stress) that they really are important.

      So, to keep myself accountable (to myself, you and the world😉) my resolutions are:

      1. to keep hydrated 2. to meditate 3. to be kind to myself (meaning, not try to do everything and be everything to everybody) and to be kind to others

      Amen. xox – Joana

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