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From My Sketchbook – Rhymes and Doodles (or, The Story of My Sunday in Three Cartoons)

A church gig plus two shows is fun,

(Though it’s something I’ve rarely done.)

Not too sure what the plan is.

(I’ll just eat some more bananas.)
Cage free monkey cartoon

Was her trill a little flat?

Did my finger just go splat?

Gotta try and keep my focus,

Through the silly hocus pocus.


Diva Cartoon.jpg

Could it be my brain’s retired?

No! There’s still more work required!

I started out today a whiz,

Now feeling defeated by the biz!

Cartoon of sleeping violist


  1. Sharon Miranda says

    hoo boy, somebody’s been busy! Great POEMS. Great drawings!

    • Joana says

      And I’m paying the price today…very little energy to do anything (though I DID dust and vacuum…my idea of “relaxation.” Hee-hee!) xox – J

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